Top 5 Simple Lighting Projects for the Yard

Who doesn't love sitting on their deck on a spring evening?  But every year I do the same thing.  I look at it and wonder why I haven't added lights yet.  4 Season Land Care can help with this, but there are some small DIY projects you can try in order to add a more personal touch.

Here are our top 5 lighting ideas for the garden.

Tin Can Lanterns

For a shabby chic look, try Tin Can lanterns. These are a fun and easy way to upcycle old cans and create a new, more homey look on your deck or patio.  Thanks to Grow Creative Blog for the great idea. Be sure to follow the instruction on this blog as there is a trick to the process.  Use them singularly or in groups or even better mix them with some of the later ideas on the page.

Mason Jar Lights

These are not only beautiful but make for a fun weekend afternoon project with the kids.  This idea from Bubby & Bean can be created using newspaper as you will see in the tutorial or you will get a stained glass look using tissue paper as shown below


Fire & Ice 

This was my son's favorite.  We must go through three bags of balloons a month because he finds so many science projects that call for them.  But this one was absolutely intriguing for him.  These little lanterns are definitely better for early spring and should probably be set away from anything you don't want to get wet but the novelty can't be beat. Thanks to Willow Day for these really fun project. 


Easy & Inexpensive

Looking for something you can do quickly, inexpensively and leave up for a season?  This one is hard to beat. String lights around your deck and yard using this technique by Bright July

Fun & Festive

Is any DIY post complete without one idea from Martha Stewart? I think not.  This is a fun and festive way to light up your yard for a party. While I am usually not Martha's biggest fan because I can never make my projects look like her's this one is elegantly simply and another great opportunity to involve the kids. Visit her site for the details. 



If you are looking for a more permanent solution for lighting your garden call us for a quote - 443-794-8138