Tips For A Healthy, Beautiful Lawn

The saying "the grass is always green on the other side" is never more true than this time of year.  Do you find yourself driving through the neighborhood wondering how in the world your neighbor has managed to keep their lawn so green and lush even in this heat?  You aren't alone.  We seldom speak to a homeowner who doesn't want a greener, healthier looking lawn.  

Most people assume it is too much work to bother with and ultimately give up.  We are here to tell you that is not necessarily true.  It is possible to have a beautiful, healthy yard without spending every second of every day taking care of it.  

Use A Sharp Blade. 

A sharp blade will cut rather than tear the lawn.  Maintaining your lawn mower and sharpening the blades could mean the difference between yellow, damaged grass and a beautiful green lawn. Cutting as opposed to tearing means your grass will need less water and nutrients to maintain the beautiful green lushness you are looking for. 

Adjust Your Mower's Cutting Height.

Adjusting the high of your mower blades is dependent on the weather.  In the early spring you may cut it at one and a half inches.  During the hottest part of the year raise it to 2 inches and only lower it again when temperatures begin to drop for the summer.

Soak It

Instead of watering a little every day consider soaking your lawn three to four times a week. Soaking the lawn allows your lawn to develop deeper roots.  The deeper the roots the less you have to water.  

Try this cool trick from The Family Handyman: "to find out how much water your sprinkler delivers, set out a cake pan, turn on your sprinkler, then time how long it takes for the water to reach a depth of 1 in."

Time It Right

Whenever possible water your lawn first thing in the morning.  The cooler morning temperatures mean you will lose less water to evaporation.  Also, it will have the rest of the day to dry, helping you avoid mold and fungal diseases that occur with constantly wet lawns.

Leave The Clippings

Leaving the clippings will allow moisture to be trapped better and help avoid total evaporation


Oxygen is just as important as water and nutrients.  Aerate your lawn every fall to allow oxygen to get to the roots.

If you have any questions or need any help maintaining your lawn visit our website or call us at 443-794-8138