What You Should Know Before Seeding Your Lawn


Guest Post by Clara Beaufort

As fall approaches and temperatures start to ease, our customers begin to think about seeding their lawns.  Planting from seed is a less expensive but slower option than laying sod but there is a science to it.  Before going to the local box store, buying seed and a spreader we suggest you look at the following tips to get the best bang for your buck.

Test The Soil

It is said that "it is better to plant a $2 tree in a $25 hole than to plant a $25 tree in a $2 hole." A basic soil test will test the pH, phosphate, potassium and magnesium levels.  The University of Maryland Extension Program can help you test your soil.  Check out their website for more information on a soil test. 

Choosing Seed

While seeding is considerably less expensive than laying sod, we suggest that you always buy top-quality seed.  Although it is more expensive than what you may buy at a big box store, it is more likely to germinate and grow.  Many local garden stores have seed that has been tested for Maryland weather.

Wear & Tear

Do you have dogs who will run across your yard on a daily basis? Teenagers who will be playing soccer with friends? Or younger children who will be running through the sprinkler on hot summer days?  If so, you should choose a hardier seed such as Kentucky bluegrass.

Shade Versus Sun

In a perfect world one type of seed would do the entire yard but many of our customers have giant oaks in their yards.  These shade some areas but leave others exposed to the sun.  Before choosing a seed, track the amount of sun different parts of your yard receive and purchase your seed accordingly. 

Does Your Yard Slope?

If you have a slope to your yard, it is important to pick a seed that germinates quickly.  Quicker germination will ensure the seed doesn't wash away before it has a chance to germinate.

If the seeding process seems to daunting, please call us at 443-794-8138  and we can add you to our schedule for the fall.  We are always here to serve.