7 Reasons To Schedule Mulch Delivery

It's that time of year again.  In the next few weeks trucks will begin pulling into your neighborhood delivering mulch to all of your neighbors.  But why?  Why do we go through this same ritual year after year?

Believe it or not it is not just because it gives your yard a nice fresh look.  Although this is on the list, there are several benefits to applying mulch to your flower beds this spring.

Benefits of Mulch

  1. Weed Control - This is probably the number one reason homeowners give for mulching.  Who wants to spend their weekend on their hands and knees weeding the flower beds?  The mulch denies the weeds the sunlight they need to become a nuisance.

  2. It's Pretty - Yes, we already mentioned this in the opening comments but is there anything that says spring more than a beautifully mulched and shaped garden?
  3. Erosion Control - With spring comes spring showers.  Adding mulch to your beds helps eliminate soil runoff.  
  4. Moisture Control - This is especially important in Maryland because of our hot summers.  Some mulches absorb moisture but all mulches holds the moisture and minimize evaporation.  
  5. Helps Maintain Nutrients - As the season goes on mulch breaks down, adding to the nutrients in the soil and helping the soil to maintain the nutrients currently there.
  6. Pest Control - Certain mulch contains an oil that deters pests from living in your garden.
  7. Earthworms - The cool moist environment encourages earthworms to make your garden their home and if we learned nothing else about gardening in elementary school we learned that earthworms are great for your soil.  

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