Five Steps Towards Your Spring Garden

It is dreary, wet and cold outside and spring seems like only a distant dream.  But we have good news.  We are hear to tell you that spring is truly right around the corner and better yet,  February is a great month to be a lover of all things outdoors. 

Follow our 5 easy steps you can take now to get you closer to the garden you are dreaming of:

  1. Plan It - Whether you start with a sketch you draw yourself or a sketch you work on with 4 Season Land Care now is the time to start sketching out your ideas.  Get them on paper now and we will have time to adjust them as the season approaches. Plan not just new plantings and beds but your container garden as well. This is a great time to get some of your containers at major discounts
  2. Decide on your seeds. - What will you grow this year? Tomatoes, lettuces, melons?  Start looking for your seeds, planning where you will plant them and how each seed will need to start.
  3. Feed the birds - If you haven't visited your local bird store lately, this is a great time to make the birds happy and keep them coming back this spring.
  4. Prune it - If you haven't already pruned your shrubs and trees, you still have time.  Get it done soon before you start seeing the first signs of spring.
  5. Plant slow growing flowers - Start the seeds for flowers that will need 10-12 weeks to grow before transplanting.  You can also start onions, leeks and some lettuces. 

As always, 4 Season Land Care is here to help.  Whether you need help planning your spring installations or simply need help preparing the yard for your big plans, give us a call at 443-794-8138.