5 Perennials To Keep Your Garden Blooming

The blooms and blossoms of spring bring a new joy to life.  You have probably already noticed many plants blooming in your garden this spring. But spring is not the only time to have a blooming garden and bringing seasons long color to your garden can bring equal joy.  Try planting these five perennials to have your garden blooming all year long.


This two foot wonder plant will be one of the first plants to bloom in your spring garden but it's beautiful green foliage is what makes it a summer long treat for your garden.  What makes us call this a wonder plant?  It's not only drought resistant but deer and rabbit resistant as well.

Variegated Solomon's Seal - 

The variegated coloring on this perennial will help your garden look fresh and clean all summer long and fills in a garden nicely.  Surround it with more colorful plants such as bleeding heart plants to enhance it's natural beauty.  

Japanese Forestgrass

Japanese Frostgrass not only adds beautiful color but also amazing texture to your garden.  Perfect for the shadier areas of your garden.  These grasses are stunning when paired with golden or purple flowering plants such as hostas and bugbane


This is one plant you will  always find in my summer garden.  We are become big fans as it fills in an empty bed and with a hard pruning half way through the summer blooms into early fall.

Border Blue Veronica

Another colorful plant to bloom in your garden all summer long is the Border Blue Veronica. This two foot tall plant is gorgeous when planted alongside the lower growing  moonbeam coreopsis.

When we run through our neighborhood or drive through someone else's it is easy to look at a gorgeous garden and feel envy, believing we can never achieve a similar look.  But gardening is as much science as art.  With effort and research, finding the right plants to plant together, and planning a garden is possible for any of us.  

Of course, we are always here to help.  If you don't know where to start or are simply too overwhelmed.  Please call us to schedule a design and installation appointment.  We do this every day and love to help turn your yard into the garden of your dreams.