A Colorful Winter Yard

Winter does not have to be drab and gray.  With some simple planning you can add color to your garden year round.  Let us help you plan your garden with every season in mind. 

Christmas Rose

Christmas roses are evergreen perennials.  They grow 12 to 15 inches tall and have dark, shiny green leaves.  The stalks each bear a single white, pink tinged bloom varying in size between 2 and 4 inches.  These plants are durable and easy to grow.  

Christmas roses should be planted in partial shade, which makes them perfect for planting under deciduous trees.  They will need some protection from winter winds and need deep, fertile, semi-moist soil.  We can plant these for you early this spring.  

Pussy Willow

The pussy willow is an ornamental tree.  It has strong, spreading, stems. It is has colorful leaves in the autumn and purplish-brown catkins in late winter/early spring making it a great way to add texture to your winter garden. 

The pussy willow can be found as either a small tree or a larger shrub.   

When planting we will look for a place that has full to partial sun.

Chinese Witch Hazel

 Chinese witch hazel is also known as the Chinese fringe flower. The white with yellow blooms appear in spring but it is the leaves that make this a great addition to a winter garden. Depending on the variety and growing conditions, the leaves vary in color from bronze-red in a new plant to olive green or burgundy as it matures. 

Chinese Witch Hazel grows best in fertile but slightly acidic soil and full sun will give it its deepest foliage colour.  It is a great plant for the Maryland area because of its hardiness.  

Winter Jasmine

If you long for blooms before spring this is the perfect tree for you.  It blooms from November through March.  It grows to be about 10 feet tall.  The blooms grow on bare limbs and have bright yellow or white, petals.  

The winter jasmine likes full sun to partial shade and is very hardy in colder temperatures. We will prune your winter jasmine in the spring in order to prevent bare patches.

As always 4 Season Land Care is here to help you take your ideas and vision and turn them into reality.  Call us today for a quote on design and installation for your year-round garden.