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Easy Ways To Be Bay Friendly

A few mornings back John Bridges, the owner of 4 Season Landcare spent a few moments just being grateful for the natural beauty of where we live, then he took this photo and shared it with the rest of us.

It was a great reminder of the natural beauty of our area and our responsibility to help keep it beautiful.  Today I want to share a few simple and some fun ways we can go about being more Bay friendly in our yards. 

  1. Thoughtful planting - Native plants and are great for the environment because they need less water and fertilizer.  Even better they take less of your time and energy each year.
  2. Careful disposal- Taking a few minutes to think about where you will dispose of harsh chemicals goes a long way towards keeping the Bay healthy and happy.  Never pour chemicals down storm drains.  
  3. Creative shorelines - Imagine creating a Bay friendly habitat in your backyard.  You can do this by creating a Living Shoreline.  Learn more with this great brochure from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
  4. Plant a tree - Planting a tree can reduce your utility bills but it is also good for the bay. Trees help prevent erosion but they also soak up fertilizers and other chemicals before they get the chance to make it to the waterways.
  5. Mow High - Taller grass helps prevent weeds and allows for deeper roots which again, helps prevent runoff.  It also allows grass to stay greener during droughts.